Iron Block V8s

The future of the Iron Block American V8, its here to stay.

Hot rods, resto mods, street rods, muscle cars,…  are all about what’s under the hood.  Everywhere you look its all about the LS, LT, and Coyote series high tech all aluminum motors.  What happened to the Iron Block V8?  The foundation of American’s hot rodding.  What’s wrong with the Iron Block V8?  Nothing!  The Iron Block represents hot rodding in its truest form, its the tried and true classic.  Forget about silly looking plastic covers, tangled messes of wire, relays, and computers.  The Iron Block V8 often dressed with a distributor, carburetor, and a set side bolted chrome valved covers offers the simplicity and character that belongs under the hood of a hot rod.  Its certainly not forgotten but its taken a backseat to the newer aluminum power plants in every publication.  As manufactures are phasing out the Iron Block V8s the and aluminum block engines become more common in bone yards for donors its natural that they find their way into hot rods.  Is it where they belong?   Its not an easy answer and they certainly have their place, but not in my ride.  Something about the simplicity of a carbureted V8 never gets old, its something you just don’t see anymore.  Have we forgotten what its all about?  Why are we trying to bring our daily drivers into old school fun?  Lets keep it simple and keep the Iron Block V8 alive.  Moving forward we’ll cover what makes the Iron Block V8 right at home in your ride, pride in what you’ve got.

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